,,Designing jewelry that gives women confidence''

Friends can make the best business partners, and the same can be said about the founders behind JOSELIE, Dominique, and Yvonne. At a very early age, they developed a passion for fashion, beauty, and accessories. Each went their own way, developed their own skills and experiences within their industry, and spontaneously came together to create JOSELIE. Their main goal with JOSELIE is not only to create exclusive designs but to create a brand that inspires women, sparks confidence, and is built on women empowering women.

What started as a project, quickly turned into a brand. JOSELIE curated from the Italian word Gioielli, was inspired by high fashion designers and middle eastern cultures.

Combining luxury with affordable pricing, we at JOSELIE design jewelry that is elegant, unique, and exclusive.

Who is JOSELIE? Just what you have been looking for. JOSELIE creates jewelry that every woman craves and now can afford

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