To apply your discount code you need to finish your order and in the “preview my order” section you will be able to find it. Please make sure that the discount code is still valid.

Should it still not work please get in touch with our Customer Support at and they will assist you with the process.

It is worth noting, express or standard shipping will not be refunded if the parcel has been returned to the sender. This usually happens if you provide an inefficient/wrong address, or you were not available, and the driver has tried to contact you. As soon as the parcel has left our warehouse, it is the responsibility of the customer & courier to ensure good communication & the safe arrival of your parcel. 

If you would like us to resend your order, you will have to pay the shipping fee again. We will send you an invoice for the shipping fee. 
If you were qualified for free shipping, you will need to pay the shipping fee (€5) for the resend.

If you were qualified for free standard or express shipping, we will deduct the shipping cost from your refund.

Please always double-check your delivery address details (please include your door number, entrances, floors, entrance code, etc.!) before purchasing and check your email regularly for tracking updates. The courier may also contact you via phone.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is the ultimate diamond alternative with many of the same qualities. CZ mimics a diamond however is beautiful in its own, producing more flashes of color & shine (known as fire) than a diamond.

We use AAAAA (5A) cubic zirconia which is the highest quality available on the market. It replicates the effect and shine of real diamonds.

We accept Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Visa.

If you are paying with Klarna Paments, and Klarna is not working, please contact Klarna first before contacting us.

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We are located in Austria, Vienna.

Please check our Shipping and Delivery Page. We have listed the Delivery Prices there. If you still have questions regarding your delivery, please contact us at

Joselie works with high qualified and high rated suppliers. We ensure that the jewelry we sell is quality approved. 

Please note that we cannot refund you if anything of that sort may happen.

Please email for any PR inquiries.

There are a few reasons why this might happen. Please check with your local courier before contacting us.

Please wait 1-2 working days before you contact us as we find that for a lot of our customers, their parcel will turn up after 1-2 working days. After this time, please get a letter of non-receipt from your courier and let us know if your parcel is lost so that we can resend your items immediately. 

In the event that the parcel has not been collected and you find that it has been returned to the sender, please contact us immediately so that we can resend it. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing when a parcel is being returned to us and it is your responsibility to keep track of your parcel and contact the courier if you have missed your parcel. 

Your order will be dispatched in 1-3 working days, not including the weekends and bank holidays. We will update your tracking once it has been shipped. 

If your order has not been dispatched within 4 working days, please contact us immediately as we may need more information from you. 

Here at Joselie, we source quality metals and use high-quality plating. With that said, fashion jewelry (including plated, 925 Sterling Silver and expensive jewelry models) can experience normal wear and tear like this over time. To extend the life of your jewelry, please give them occasional breaks and keep them away from any moisture and creams.

Please follow these tips to maintain the quality and prevent early tarnish:
1. Keep them in your JOSELIE dust bag when not in use
2. Avoid sweat
3. Wipe with soft cloth
4. Do not sleep in your jewelry
5. Avoid chemicals (especially hand cream)
6. Avoid bathing, showering or washing your hands with jewelry on
7. Wait for hand cream to dry before putting on any jewelry 

We usually restock our jewelry within 2 weeks. Because our models are limited we recommend to pre-order them – please contact us.

Please check our shipping and delivery page, if we deliver to your country.